Let Mark show you what we’re all about.

Awesome Features

Embrace and enhance your online social skills.

Stay Profilictacly Organized

You have more than you think. Take care of them. (Yes we made that up)

Lead the Pack

You have some of the best profiles. Get out there and show them off.

Stay Cool

Don’t fall behind in status. See what the cool kids are using.


Re-Invent Your Social Browsing

Remove the clutter of the boring people. Start with the person, not the content.

Discover Your Friends

You don’t really know your friends till you’ve creeped “all” of their profiles.

Level Up your Following Skills

Consume celebrity and products content 10x faster than before.

Be "In The Loop"

We feature the cool profiles so no-one will ever call you “out of the loop” again.

Coming Soon

Yup, were already working on some pretty awesome top secret stuff. Stay tuned.

Semi-Unbiased Testimonials

Sure we built it, but we still love it!


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Profilze Inc.


Mark Lupul

Profilze Inc.


Mike O'Connor

Profilze Inc.


Don Lupul

Profilze Inc.

Latest from our Blog

Mark keeps you up to date on Profiley goodness.

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