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Stay Organized

Profiles. You have more than you think. Take care of them.

Lead the Pack

You have some awesome profiles. Show them off.

Stay Cool

Don’t fall behind in status. See what the cool kids are using.

Re-Invent Your Social Browsing

Remove the clutter of the boring people. Start with the person, not the content.

Discover Your Friends

You don’t really know your friends till you’ve creeped “all” of their profiles.

Level Up your Following Skills

Consume celebrity and products content 10x faster than before.

About Profilze

Alright, have you ever experienced frustration when you’ve tried to look someone up? The other day I spent 20 minutes on Xbox live trying to find a friend with a wacky username when the process should have only taken 10 seconds. And this was only one instance; never mind the time I tried to find a friend’s Tumblr blog, those wedding pictures on Flickr, or searched up a celebrity wondering if their account was actually legit or just some fan page.

Here’s the truth. We all use a ton of social networks which scatters our pages. What we do is simple; we allow you to bring them together.

The Profilze dynamite is its browsing experience. You can browse someone on every network they use in 30 seconds and social apps open directly from a user’s page.


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It takes seconds to install and get up and running, and we've added a ton of celebrity profiles so you can start using it immediately.

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